AFC Launches New Fertilizer 10-10-10+2.5 Humic Substance for Corn and Vegetables

MAKATI CITY – Atlas Fertilizer Corporation lives up to its name of being the only Crop Specific – Soil Specific Fertilizer company in the Philippines by launching the new non-traditional fertilizer grade of 10-10-10+2.5 humic substance. This has been designed for corn and vegetables, ensuring that crops using the fertilizer will get correct and balanced macro and micro nutrients.

The innovative fertilizer enhanced by the addition of the humic substance, organic matter that acts to bind soil particles and forms better soil aggregates which greatly improves the quality of soil structure. This helps hold nutrients and water in the soil for the plant roots to readily absorb. Humic substance is then excellent at preventing leaching of nutrients vital to crop growth and production. The presence of humic substance in soil have always shown improved increase in yields from crops benefiting from its growth stimulating effects.

It has always been the advocacy of AFC to promote balanced fertilizer use. Adding to that, AFC also promotes the 4Rs of Farming: Right Time, Right Source, Right Rate, & Right Place. This also promotes sustainability as no excess NPK nutrients are wasted nor leached away.

The introduction of the new 10-10-10+2.5 humic substance will help ensure that farmers only spend on the right amount of fertilizer and nutrients they need for their crops. During these times, especially with elevated fertilizer prices, it is wise to be practical and deliberate with purchases on farm inputs. Every peso counts, and the 10-10-10+2.5 humic substance helps fulfill the need for crop specific fertilizers, making farming more efficient and most of all, profitable.

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