Leading The Way To 100 Years

Leading the way to 100 years Atlas Philippines

Founded in 1957, Atlas Fertilizer Corporation is the undisputed largest and oldest operating manufacturer of compound mineral fertilizer in the Philippines.

Indeed, 60 years of continuing operations is a significant milestone for any company– but we do not sit on that laurel.  We are never complacent as we brace ourselves for tougher competition ahead. There are so many things that have yet to be accomplished. There are so many territories left unexplored. Our mission strongly continues as we move forward to becoming a one century company. Having said that, we need to sustain the momentum that we have started and to keep that beat, INNOVATION is the key.

INNOVATION is about fully embracing change and adjusting ourselves to the requirements of the new era.  AFC is committed to ensure that our fertilization technology is up-to-date, best practices are applied, and high quality products are consistently produced in our plant. These we believed AFC has proven to have achieved , and yet, we are fully  aware that there are more we still have to learn as move forward through the years.

We encourage and support initiatives that are audacious and confident of success. AFC from within is persistently striving for scientific breakthroughs, and learning to better ourselves. This is the culture that we foster, and encourage others to follow. Open minds, flexibility to adapt, and quick thinking, paired with AFC’s years of wisdom is our recipe for triumph beyond our 60-year anniversary.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, world’s leading management coach and mentor, said it best, “what got you here won’t get you there” as we begin to realize that there are more to learn and adapt. Success yesterday is behind us, and we have to focus on the present, and prepare ourselves for the uncertain tomorrow.

Market Leadership:  True Service with Innovation

This year, join AFC, as we further transform the Philippine agriculture landscape and promote the business of farming and/or agripreneurship. To teach our farmers how to produce highest yields possible, at lesser costs with assured profits remains to be AFC’s advocacy and commitment.  All these ultimately to feed the Filipino nation and make the country self-sufficient.

It has been a great achievement for AFC to assure door-to-door delivery capability to all distributors. In the process, containerization has improved product quality and lessened instances of caking. The precise and timely delivery schedule results in shorter lead-time, meaning that farmers now have easy access to fertilizers. AFC Marketing and their agronomists are highly motivated, and well informed enabling them to teach science-based farming techniques across the nation.

Together with the next generation here today, the future of our nation is our source of inspiration. We should be ready to face challenges with fresh new perspective and open to using technology as multipliers. As citizens of the world, we should easily adapt global best practices that help ensure our success.

Our road to 100 years, triumph, is the success of all Filipino farmers and Philippine agriculture stakeholders, and this first step forward begins with all of us.

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