Strengths Of Today, Investments For Winning Tomorrow

by Kleo Marlo R. Sialongo

In this highly competitive industry, surviving and still being on top, at the same time, is an outstanding feat for a company like AFC. Atlas Fertilizer Corporation was originally established as a division of a major mining company at that time but was later made into a separate entity on October 10, 1957.

Yes, we are now on our 58th year!  But it was never easy. The company experienced so many ups and downs in its existence but somehow, we managed to survive and won.

What made AFC resilient during those tumultuous times?

First, we have good quality and effective fertilizer products conforming to the standards set by government regulators. Second, we have a highly capable and professional manpower. Third, we have a strong distribution network with our partner distributors who grew with us for decades now. Fourth, we have a strong Atlas brand. Finally, we have a committed and visionary top management that realizes the importance of AFC’s role in Philippine agriculture especially in helping Filipino farmers become more productive

At present, there have been changes in the market landscape in the Philippine fertilizer industry since AFC was established—it is now highly dynamic and more competitive. With this, AFC has to change and adapt to the present situation for it to stay in the business. Realizing the challenges ahead, the AFC management acted proactively and formulated the Atlas 100 Strategy—projects that will not only make AFC more competitive in the coming years but will also maintain its market leadership.

Major problem areas seen to pose challenges to the company were identified and possible solutions were formulated. Improvement and upgrading of the manufacturing plant facilities is ongoing. The plant has to be upgraded for us to deliver better quality products to the distributors and eventually to the Filipino farmers.  We are also looking into improving our logistics network for more timely deliveries of our products to our distributors. In 2015, AFC established the Total Quality and Technology Improvement Department (TQTI) to focus on product quality improvement. This section will ensure that fertilizer products coming out from the plant and sold to the farmers are sustainably of best quality. AFC is also further strengthening its capability in developing more non-traditional or custom-built soil-specific & crop-specific fertilizer grades required by the market.

We are also continuously intensifying our science-based approach in the development of our fertilizer technologies through the Product Development Group (PDG) with collaborations from well-known and respectable institutions like IRRI, IPNI and local government institutes like PhilRice and PCA as well as private organizations.

Finally, with an army of well-trained and technically-capable agronomists deployed all over the country, AFC will further increase the conduct of our ads and promo activities with emphasis on the education of farmers of the right fertilization technologies. These agronomists will continue to hold farmer’s classes, technical seminars, field tours, and farm demos to their respective areas. AFC, in collaboration with IRRI, now has the Atlas Rice Fertilizer Guide, a version of the Rice Crop Manager (RCM) customized for AFC. This is another innovation developed to suit the individual needs of every rice farmer.

Leading in technology development in the industry in the country, we must be at pace with the demands of time. Investments of the company today will make us winners tomorrow. The investments that we are making now will not only make us address present concerns but will also sow seeds we are going to reap in the future.

Hence we never rest on our laurels.  Together with you our dear distributors we shall remain in the business a hundred years and beyond!

Cheers to Atlas 100!


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