AFC: Go For The Global Standards

by Joanne Elizabeth Q. Beal & Creselda T. Yunsal

All of us aspire to reach certain goals – goals that we often talk about with our family, friends, and mostly with our co-workers. We sometimes stand in front of a mirror, staring and thinking of how we can better ourselves. We set goals to improve how others think of us, we set goals to classify our self-worth, and we also set goals to create and rate ourselves within a certain set of standards.

The very basic image of a company or an organization is defined by the standard it presents. We would want to further enhance and improve our over-all standing in the market since we are in this day and age wherein international criterion is the basis as to where a certain company stands. Atlas Fertilizer Corporation values the standards that we would want to portray and represent – our transparency, the integrity we demonstrate, and the dependability we establish.

As an aspiring “Global Standard” company, we take pride in our sustaining effort to make our services better to serve not just our distributors and dealers but also the end recipients of our products, our dear Filipino farmers and the community as a whole.  Engaging ourselves in technological advancements in order to help our farmers in reaching better output, we recently put investment on an application called Nutrient Manager that can be utilized by our people on the field to give specific and individual fertilizer recommendations.

Taking advantage of the constant influx of technology has led us to a new era. It gave us a better view of what a globally established company we would become, hence, our installation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for fast tracking of decision making by the top management.  Through this, all processes from purchasing, manufacturing and sales from all over the country can now be seen by the management adding efficiency to our operation.

The Atlas Manufacturing Plant at Toledo City, Cebu is also constantly undergoing improvements and renovations for better manufacturing process and more efficient use of the plant thereby maximizing production.  Aside from these improvements and our aspiration to operate at par with global standards, we also take into consideration our compliance with the environmental standards by installing a pollution control device at the plant.  Through this, our business does not just operate on a profit scheme basis but also sees to it that the community welfare is also considered.

It is also our company’s thrust to be updated on the development of agriculture particularly the crop sector. Thus, we are continuously giving effort in improving the quality of our products through research.   Field trials on new fertilizer grades that are identified to address specific crop needs are being performed by our technical group to give us scientific and reliable recommendations not to mention their suitability and responses on different locations in the country.

Finally, going global does not always mean total transformation. For us, it means taking accurate and efficient steps to improve first our system.  It must, and will always have to begin within us. Just like how a small pebble when thrown to a body of water sends ripples to all directions covering unimaginable distance, we too, believe that this vision of ours will give not just a better future for our business but also for our clients.


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