Staying Young Despite The Years And Moving Forward

Their business started as Tiaoseng Sons Bazaar in 1975.  In the next years, it was the Betty Yu who managed the company under the name Young’s Marketing.  Just like other businesses, their company went through various tragedies as they experienced burning of their structure three times.  Yet, despite all those trials, with the steadfast commitment to do business and with a heart that believes and perseveres, no fire was able to burn with it their passion to trade.  Three fires tried to topple down their business venture but they also managed to rise at every disaster.  In fact there were also three changes in its name until such time it came to be known now as Yuteekiong Marketing Corporation in 2011.

Located at Mabini St., Molave, Zamboanga del Sur, this business is now owned and managed by Yuteekiong family.   Its partnership with Atlas Fertilizer Corporation took place in 1995.  Being one of the first partners of AFC in Zamboanga Sur area, their venture on the fertilizer industry grew sustainably.  They have been our partner in the area in the promotion of new grades especially 17-0-17.  It can be said that the success and acceptance of such grade is a combination of both the performance of the product in the field and the willingness and continued support of this family in pushing the product in the market in their area.

Aside from their very professional dealings with business partners, they have very good client care as professed by their customers.  This family enterprise is an example of an idea that in a family business structure, sometimes what is needed is a sense of discipline rather than creativity.  Everyone’s idea should be taken into consideration and make it work.  This discipline paved the way for them to have loyal workers who are also considered as part of the family.  These workers have co-existed with their business and remained loyal to them up to this day.

With all the trials, ups and downs this business have been to, one commendable characteristic of the owners of this company is their untiring spirit to never stop believing.  Their discipline, hardwork and determination paved all the way to where they are now.  And with this, there is no doubt that along with AFC’s vision to go for the global standard this company will also be growing together with us.


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