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BEST is defined as of the highest quality, excellence or standing. It is on this word that our working principles are based; that we at AFC, works not just on our products and services but even on our partners and end-users interests as well. Aiming to be at par with the global standard of the business in the industry, we continue to improve our product quality and services for us to continue to be one of the best in the country.  AFC in its 57th year in the business is not resting on its laurels as we believe that being the best continues beyond words hence our advancement.  We are in our continuous effort to keep up with time.  By doing so, we make use of technology advancement.  We train our men on various aspects as they should be equipped with the proper knowledge for us to better serve our distributors and partners in the business.  Step by step we came up with improvements in our products, services, equipment leading to a felt change in the system at present.  To continue to offer the best of everything we can give to our partners and clients in the industry is what we live up to.  Living up to this, we make sure that the fertilizer products we have made are anchored mainly on the principle of giving the crop the right amount of what it needs at the right time.  To put it, we sell with the thing in mind that our products should be made available to those who need it together with the appropriate technology thereby safeguarding not just our interest but the entire environment protecting the most important resource this country has—the soil.  Our services does not just end in fertilizer products being sold but continues up to technical assistance given to farmers for we have always believed that the best brand should have not just the best quality but the best service as well.  The knowledge we give to our people in the company is based on truthful results of our years of tedious research to release reliable and sound recommendations for our farmers’ use.  This is also the same reason why we educate our men to educate the farmers because the ultimate goal of education is the spread of knowledge and the diffusion of the truth.  By spreading knowledge based on truthful findings, we will continue to offer better services for the better product that will be the best in the future—the ATLAS brand.


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