PPQC And R&D Updates

Atlas Fertilizer Corporation (AFC) has a rich 57 years of experience in the fertilizer industry that we are particularly proud of. This valuable experience represents one of our major competitive advantage which we have to use to the best of our knowledge to produce better quality fertilizer products for our customers.

Continuous Research and Development

Since the establishment of AFC, the company has been continuously doing research and development in the field of fertilizers. The aim of this continuous research is not only to develop new products for our target market but also to improve our existing products. At present, we are also catering to the individual requirements of our customers by tailor-fitting their crop’s needs.

In 2014, the R&D Section developed custom-built fertilizers for banana. Some of the new grades for banana includes 10-29-14, 13.2-0-18.4-8.4 Zinc Sulfate, 10-5-24-0.1B-0.25 Zn (SOP based with Nitrate N), 13.5-3.6-21.6-3S and 12-12-17 (SOP based). Granulation test were already conducted for these products with favorable results.

The R&D also explored the use of new raw materials that aims to enhance the nutrient efficiency of our fertilizer products which included humic and fulvic acids and ƴ-polyglutamic acid. Using AFC’s pilot plant, we were able to integrate these new materials to our fertilizer products. Using humic and fulvic acids, 10-10-10 with 5% Humic Acid and 2% Fulvic Acid was developed. The target markets for 10-10-10 are the rice, corn and vegetable farmers.

Also, the R&D was able to successfully granulate 14-14-14, 14-10-14 and 16-20-0 in combination with ƴ-polyglutamic acid. The ƴ-polyglutamic acid is an additive that would enhance the absorption of elemental phosphorous by the plants.

These newly-developed products are currently on field trials by the Product Development Group (PDG) to find out its efficacy in the targeted crops with respect to its yield.

Aside from developing new granulated products, the R&D group also made studies and trial tests to further improve the “holding time” at warehouse storage of our existing bagged products such as the 17-0-17, 17-7-17, 14-14-14, and other products. The purpose of these studies is to find out the possible adverse effects of long term storage (3-4 months) on the physical appearance of our products.

Improved Quality Monitoring and Upgrading of Laboratory Instruments

In 2014, we also amplified the plant’s quality product monitoring in the granulation plants. Instead of taking product samples every 4 hours for nutrient analysis per 8-hour operation, now the Quality Control Section shortened it to every 2 hours per 8-hour operation. By doing this, the plant operational response time in correcting lapse parameters is reduced, thereby maintaining close range of low-and-high nutrient limits of the products.

With the unwavering support of the top management, Quality Control Section will be upgrading the laboratory apparatuses next fiscal year [2015-2016] by acquiring state of the art instruments to be used in the analysis of the raw materials and products. With this initiative, speedy result of nutrient analysis – with high regards to accuracy – would be readily available in the plant operation.

Moving Forward…

Product quality is given utmost importance by the top management. In order to ensure that product quality based on the company’s standards is met, a Quality Assurance Team will be formed under PPQC/R&D Department. The aim of this team is to see to it that the plant’s standard parameters and procedures in producing quality fertilizer products are strictly followed – from the time raw materials arrive in the plant up to the time the products are served to the customers.

AFC’s solid foundation for fifty-seven years and counting in the fertilizer industry has become the emblem of its success through the years. And to go beyond, it upholds its mission-vision to “Go for the Global Standard” being the leader in the fertilizer industry then and now.


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