Bukang Bibig Ng Magsasaka: A Vision For AFC’s Future

By Kleo Marlo R. Sialongo

What is a vision?

According to one definition, a company’s vision statement is a picture of the company in the future. Another says it is the soul of the company that inspires and motivates its people. Still other definition says that it is the direction and the framework by which all planning activities of the company are anchored. But I say that it is the fusion of the company’s dreams and hopes for its future that inspires and reminds each and every one of us what we are trying to build.

Bukang Bibig ng Magsasaka”. This is the new vision of Atlas Fertilizer Corporation. In English, the phrase means to be byword of every farmer in the field. Such a very common phrase but it can encapsulate the dreams, hopes and aspirations of AFC for its future, its clients and for farmers. The dream to be not just become the leading fertilizer manufacturer and fertilization technology provider for the farmers in the Philippines but to be a common household name in every farmer’s home…to be an iconic brand in the country that will transcend several generations on.

Being the “bukang bibig” means the Atlas Brand must be the first to be immediately desired and mentioned by the majority of the farmers in the field and by the distribution system itself. This may be grandest vision of AFC so far but it focuses on the most important part of the fertilizer industry—the farmers, the end user of our products. This vision reveres the farmers as the true heroes of the industry, for without them we don’t have any business at all.

The main goal of this new vision is to provide the farmers with fertilization technologies that will provide the highest, consistent and continuously increasing financial returns as to alleviate themselves from difficulties.

What does this new vision have in store for us? For the Atlas distributors, it means that there will be more focused efforts in promoting the Atlas brand in their respective areas. If our vision to be the “bukang bibig ng magsasaka” will come into fruition, it will mean more sales and income for you. Atlas will be providing products that will definitely differentiate us from the rest. For the farmers, it means new technologies will be introduced that will result in increased incomes and higher productivity. Atlas will do extension activities that will greatly benefit them. For the Atlas employees, it means a continued partnership with the company. AFC will be a company that the employees can stay with, grow with and be a good place to work. And finally for our shareholders, it means continuous growth and appropriate financial returns from AFC’s operations.

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” This quote from Martin Luther King summarizes all the points in this article. We may have different priorities, goals, intentions and purposes but AFC unified us with the vision to become the “Bukang bibig ng Magsasaka”. We are one in achieving this vision…help us make a difference.


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