“Together We Thrive At 45 Towards The Golden Year And Beyond” DC Cruz Trading Corporation

By Edmund O. Zata

Driven by their inherent agripreneurial desires 45 years ago, the couple Donato and Susana Cruz opened a small retail store for fertilizers on a plot of land in the middle of the sugarcane field in Bacolod City. It was linked to the main highway by a dirt road riddled with potholes that turned into small ponds when it rained. In the dry months, the wind would whip up sandstorms on this dirt road that left a permanent patina of dust on every surface. Almost impossibly, this obstacle course notwithstanding and not to mention that it was surrounded by big fertilizer distributors in neighboring streets, the small retail outlet became a virtual Mecca for small farmers and big sugarcane planters alike. It then became an intrinsic part of the story of agriculture on Negros Island. However, this feat was realized not without having birth pains.

“The challenge then seems insurmountable having to compete with big names and players in fertilizer distribution in the island”, said Donato and Susana Cruz. But the strong determination and dedication of the couple, backed up by a strong drive for excellent customer service, made them hurdle all business obstacles that crossed their way. They focused their efforts on building up the name of DC Cruz Trading as a reliable supplier of quality products needed by their customers—the farmers and sugarcane planters. The position of DC Cruz Trading in the agriculture sector of Negros has been further strengthened by building mutual trust and strong relations with their suppliers and other stakeholders. This has been proven potent with more than 20 years of strong relations and harmonious partnership with Atlas Fertilizer Corporation as one of the company’s distributors for Negros Island since 1989.

Last February 19, 2011, DC Cruz Trading Corporation is proud to have marked its 45th year of dedicated service to the farmers and planters of Negros. The road beside its small retail store has since been paved and they have also expanded their product lines to include products for the livestock industry (genetics, feeds and animal health), as well as seeds and farm implements (sprayers and sprayer parts). In order to reach more farmers and efficiently serve their fertilizer and other farm input needs, eight (8) stores have been opened in key market areas across Negros Island. DC Cruz trading then became the first and the trail blazer in the branching out marketing strategy that was followed by others.

In 2003, DC Cruz Trading Corporation launched its house brand, Primera, offering a seal of quality and value for its line of traditional fertilizers, contact insecticide (Primera Leader), granular insecticide (Primera Carbofuran), natural growth booster (Primera Vantage), and foliar fertilizers. Backed by its commitment to excellent customer service and value, Primera has become the trusted brand of farmers seeking value for their money. The latest project Donato and Susana enthusiastically embarked on was the establishment of a branch store and a warehousing complex, that is now efficiently operating, in Davao City.

Cognizant of the great blessings it received, DC Cruz Trading Corporation realized the need to share. Hence, last year, it funded the construction of a two storey school building on a 14-hectare property at the border of Barangays Cansilayan and Damsite in Murcia and Barangay Abuanan in Bago, City. Through this school, to be named Lumen, the company aims to offer real life changing opportunities to children of desperately poor landless farmers as it promotes the company’s social responsibility.

Indeed, the humble store built on the lot along the dirt road at the middle of a sugarcane field in Bacolod has already been recognized as a formidable force in the fertilizer and agricultural inputs distribution and a pillar of the agriculture in Negros Island—a fruit of an arduous and smart labor and the legacy of Donato and Susana have successfully built for their children Ruby and Ruth.

Problems and dilemma after a phenomenal success almost always follow during a management succession. This is a common experience by most entrepreneurs. However, with excellent development, preparation and guidance, management succession of DC Cruz Trading Corporation from the founder Donny and Susana to their children Ruby and Ruth went smoothly through. Ruby now successfully runs the business and its expansions.

“The success of DC Cruz Trading Corporation hinges nothing but on the continued patronage by our increasing satisfied customers and the strong partnership with our suppliers and stakeholders like Atlas Fertilizer Corporation”, Ruby said. “Together we thrive at 45” is the fitting theme and slogan of DC Cruz Trading Corporation as it celebrates whole year round its 45th year. “This year’s celebration is just an exciting step and preparation for the upcoming big event of DC Cruz Trading Corporation’s history-the marking and celebrating of its golden year”, said Ruby. Partnership of DC Cruz Trading Corporation with Atlas Fertilizer Corporation together thrives at 45 and will continue to grow towards its golden year and beyond as the legacy lives on.


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