We started in a very simple way. After we got married, my wife resigned as a staff nurse from the Mindoro Provincial Hospital. We opened a feeds supply store at Tiaong Public Market in Tiaong, Quezon. Our initial capital was only ₱20,000 which came from our wedding gift and cash borrowed from our parents and my sister Linda. Some of it also came from my salary as a chemist in a desiccated coconut factory. They advised us to be thrifty, not to buy unnecessary things and expand the business by using the generated by the store in its operation.

It has not been easy. Oftentimes, we run out of products to sell because of the little capital that we have. We have to wait for our cash sales in order to buy feed products that we are going to display in our store. Thankfully, after a few months, a feed mill company offered us a credit line for their products that allowed our business to grow. After several years, we decided to add fertilizer and rice to our business. We incurred losses due to stiff competition and erratic fluctuation of prices of these products. But we have to accept the loss and learn from this experience.

After that, we tried another business venture–a chicken layer farm. We saw an opportunity during that time in the fast expanding poultry industry in our province. Because strict supervision is needed in this venture, I decided to resign from my work as a chemist and focus on the farm. At the same time, I was able to help my wife in the management of our store. Our poultry business became a success, enabling us to buy our own house and lot. Because our house is located along the national highway, my wife and I saw another business opportunity again. This time we decided to put up a hardware and construction supply store. At present, our house also serves as our main office and warehouse.

And then, a couple of years ago, a friend decided to migrate to London. And unexpectedly, he offered their convenience store for us to take over. Initially, we were hesitant to go into that business because we know nothing about operating a grocery/convenience store. But with the help of his former employees, we were able to run its operation smoothly and with great success as months go on.

In 2007, Atlas Fertilizer Corporation offered a distributorship for their fertilizer products. Although we failed in the past in our fertilizer business, we did not have second thoughts and grabbed the opportunity. We have learned from the past and used those experiences to grow this venture. It was a surprise for use but we were very thankful because another extension to our business was added. Thank you Atlas for the opportunity.

Finally, we thank the Almighty God for the 30 successful years in our business ventures and for all the blessings that He has given us. We have three beautiful children (now ladies) and we hope someday that they will continue what we have started.


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